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Eirlys Retrievers
Eirlys Golden Retrievers Photo Gallery
Gorgeous flower baskets in Bath, England (2009)
Tassel welcoming friends (2011)
Lydia and Tassel relaxing at home (2011)
Kate at Dillon Beach the first time
Tassel relaxing at home (2011) Photo by Erin Wrightsman
Tassel at 10 weeks (2011)
Shannongold Peaches N Cream "Trinny" (Tassel's Dam)
CH Winterlea Lord O The Manor "Wilson" (Tassel's sire) at the beach in New Zealand (2010)
Bob and Biko on the lake (2008)
Puppies from Guide Dog's Astrid, a beautiful Labrador brood we raised (2007)
Biko's first day home with Audrey (2006)
Romping in the wet morning grass
Tassel headshot at 8 months (2011)
Tassel at Donner Lake at 7 months (2011)
Kate on 2nd birthday napping in the sun
Tassel in the garden with a stick at 4 months (2011)
Tassel fetching in the garden at 4 months (2011)
Bob and Papa camping (2009)
Tassel with Bob in her first snow at 3 months (2011)
Tassel's natural stance at Lake of the Woods at 8 months (2011)
Tassel with her favorite toy, the Hedgehog at 6 months (2011)
Kate at 18 months
A beautiful pink Hibiscus in Japan (2006)
Kate and Tassel enjoying Spring 2013.
Tassel Spring 2013.
Luna relaxing in the back garden.