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Eirlys Retrievers
Puppies at Eirlys Retrievers
Eirlys Retriever puppies are raised in our home where they are the centerpiece of attention and family activity. Our puppies receive a variety of enriching handling and activity from day one, and enjoy developing healthy curiosity and a loving, trusting bond with humans. As they mature, the puppies enjoy outdoor play, meeting new and interesting pets and people, playing on a variety of surfaces, introductory crate training and car rides. Under our guidance, the litter begins learning clean toileting habits. In addition, we begin positive behavior shaping with recall, "wait," "sit," and "down" which gently prepares him or her for future obedience skills.

Your puppy will have begun his or her vaccination series, will be microchipped, and receive a clean fecal analysis. Eirlys Retrievers is well versed in behavior observation and each puppy is individually selected to match his and her future family and lifestyle. At Eirlys Retrievers, our goal is to deliver puppies that will contribute nicely to service dog programs and make lovely family companions.

Breeding stock is assessed for hip, elbow, cardiac and eye health and clearances are readily available. In addition, we conduct relevant genotype testing.

We practice a comprehensive puppy placement review and enjoy getting to know prospective puppy families. We feel strongly about placing puppies in homes who are dedicated to the puppy's socialization, recreation and enrichment and find that puppies thrive in a setting where they are engaged throughout the day.

Pup Eirlys Goddess of Knowledge "Sara"
from Avalon's litter by Nelson October 2016

Avalon and Nelson pups enjoying outdoor nursing time before a romp.
Avalon and pup November 2016
photo courtesy of The Labs & Co.
Precious pup "Viking Ragnar" from Luna & Brick litter posing in his assistance dog training vest. Viking is currently enrolled in training at Pacific Assistance Dog Society (PADS.)
Lydia being accepted as one of the pack while we cared for CCI service dog breeder, Lemon, and her litter.
Previous Eirlys Golden Retriever Litters:
Land of 10,000 Lakes Litter; Brick X Luna October 3, 2014

Beautiful 2024 litter plans underway
Inquiries Welcome!

Eirlys Shoot for the Moon "Archer" and Eirlys Many Moons Ago "Legend" from Luna & Cosmo litter.
Pup Eirlys Dean's List "Dean"
from Avalon's litter by Nelson October 2016
Dean is enrolled in the Tender Loving Canines Assistance Dog program
photo courtesy of The Labs & Co.

We donated our pup "Eirlys I'm Coming Out" (from the Nelson x Scout litter) to Warrior Canine Connection. She is named Danielle in honor of a service woman and is currently in training assisting veterans in rehabilitation.
Eirlys the Beginning of Everything "Zelda" joined the ranks of service dog-in-training. She is currently working at Eyes Ears Nose & Paws.
Little boy Purple, now named "Robin" is on his way to Joys of Living to begin his assistance dog training. Eirlys Canta Libre is from our 2017 Blue x Avalon litter.
Mt Peaks Litter; Fitzroy x Roux December 23 2020
Investigators Litter; Alex x Roux December 21 2022
Shooting Stars Litter; Oscar x Meg December 21 2022
Beauty of Croatia Litter; Zedd x Meg August 31 2023
Women of Shakespeare Litter; Romeo x Anela February 1 2024
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