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Eirlys Golden Retrievers
CCI Breeder Caretaker Gallery
Kathleen's "D" litter d.o.b. March 10, 2013
The fist 4 (all yellow) have arrived
Blue pup (#2) clean and dry
Sleeping puppy Day 2
Kate modeling her "Congratulations" fruit basked sent by her puppy raisers, John and Florence
Blue Male Week Two
Brown Male Week Two
Green Girl Week Two
Lydia and Green Girl Week Two
Pink Boy Week Two
Puppy Snuggles Week Two
Sleepy Purple Girl Week Two
Red Boy Week Two
Eyes peeking open Day 15
Puppy Nose Day 16
Puppy Pile
Girl Puppy Sleeping Day 16
Da Vinci Week 2
Precious Puppy Day 18
Kate tending puppies Week 2
Dewey (Red Boy) Day 18
Meeting Auntie Tassel Day 20
Whole puppy gang on Day 20
Puppy nap Day 20
Pretty girl Day 20
Dewey 3.5 Weeks
Dario 3.5 Weeks
With visitor Madeleine at 3.5 weeks
Daisy getting a nibble from Da Vinci at 3.5 weeks
Dewey 3.5 weeks
Da Vinci with Auntie Tassel
Da Vinci inspecting big dog teeth
Sleepy D Brothers 3.5 weeks
Beautiful D baby 4 weeks
Dublin asleep at the dinner table 4 weeks
First day outside 4.5 weeks
Da Vinci in the grass 4.5 weeks
Dynamic Duo Da Vinci and Tassel
Kate D Baby 4.5 weeks
Relaxing in the shade 4.5 weeks
Hot Mama in Sonoma County today - 80 degrees
A hot day for Da Vinci too!
Daisy with new toy from G'ma Florence 5 weeks
Daisy 5 weeks
Daisy's cute paws
Da Vinci has a prize
Eye to Eye at 5 weeks
Dario at 5 weeks
Dandelion at 5 weeks
Dario at 6 weeks
Puppy snuggle 6 weeks
More TOYS from G'ma Florence, thank you!
Dario on the run 6 weeks
Tassel and pup playing in yard 6.5 weeks
Puppy Pile at 6.5 weeks
Da Vinci's first day gardening at 7 weeks
Kathleen and Da Vinci 7 weeks
Kathleen and Dewey 7 weeks
Kathleen and Daisy 7 weeks
Kathleen and Dublin 7 weeks
Kathleen and Dandelion at 7 weeks
Kathleen and Dario 7 weeks
Kathleen D Litter at 7 weeks: Da Vinci, Daisy, Dario, Dandelion, Dewey, Dublin.
Dublin gardening at 8 weeks
Dublin in ACTION.
Great shot of Dublin taken by Lydia
Dandelion and her dog family taken by her raiser, Kylie.
Dandelion and Puppy Raiser Kylie.
Dandelion at 8 months
Kathleen's Dewey (brown collar) at 7 months
Kate's pup Dandelion at 15 mos.
CCI Kate pregnant with first litter - three days before delivery