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Eirlys Golden Retrievers
Our Dogs ~ Females
Tassel possesses the quintessential old-world grace and soulfulness of the golden retriever breed. It is easy to be taken in by her floating movement and uncomplicated versatility. She has proven to be exceptionally trainable and is a settled, delightful household companion.

Tassel is from Australian, New Zealand and English lineage. We are blessed to have semen from her sire, CH Wilson, on store.

We are very grateful to our dear friend Lauren Elgie at Career Dogs Australia for introducing us to Maree Saunders (Winterlea) who was so generous to let this angel travel offshore to our home in the States. Sharing our life with Tassel is a dream come true.
Winterlea Gold Tassel
Whelped November 29, 2010
CH Winterlea Lord O' The Manor X Shannongold Peaches N' Cream
Breeder: Maree A. Saunders
Pedigree and Clearances

Outdoors, Tassel is a robust, sporting companion with boundless joie de vivre. While inside, she is composed and observant. She can often be found in her favorite place perched atop the stairs, where she quietly watches the comings and goings of the family below. 

Tassel has early signs of arthritis in her elbows as seen on radiograph. She has been de-sexed and will not embark on a breeding career.

When you spend time with Biko you can learn everything it means to be a female and a leader. She gets what she wants, when she wants it - and with style. 

Biko came to us from a colleague at Guide Dogs for the Blind. Her mother, Ivy, is an excellent ranch dog who keeps the gophers and horses in check. And, while not working, is content to show off her beauty while enjoying a good tummy scratch.

Biko is very athletic and enjoys high-stamina outdoor activities. Above all, she is a world-class puppy raiser and makes my job easy.

Whelped November 4, 2005

What a sweetie! CCI Kathleen, aka Kate, is an assistance dog breeder owned by the influential assistance dog school Canine Companions for Independence. Kate was raised in New York state by Florence Scarinci and family. Kate was selected to join the CCI breeding program because she possesses the traits that make successful service dogs; she is sensitive, adaptable, compliant and very sociable. 

We are lucky to have such a well trained, loving companion join our home. We admire her grace for fitting in so smoothly. Like the rest of the pack, she enjoys a hearty romp on the beach or trails then settles at home with nary a peep.

Kathleen is retired now and delights in long naps, neighborhood walks and greeting visitors.
CCI Kathleen
Whelped January 29, 2011
Breeder: Canine Companions for Independence

Whelped October 4, 2012
Yaqui's Ruff N' Reddi X Servio's Yaqui Tawney
Breeder: Joy Gyorgyfalvy D.V.M.
Pedigree and Clearances

Yaqui's Winter Moonlight at Eirlys
I was attracted to Luna's gentle, sensible nature the moment I met her. Her strong and robust physical build is nicely balanced with her sensitive demeanor. Luna enjoys vigorous romps in the fields and streams and settles calmly in the home. She is particularly affectionate with men and knows that she is adored. Luna is co-owned and lives with my dear friends Bev and Joe in Sacramento.

Luna is from Canadian, English and North American heritage. She comes from a long lineage of goldens who have been selectively bred to work as multi purpose sport competitors, assistance dogs and loving family companions. Her pedigree includes some talented dogs who I have greatly admired over the years; specifically, 'Clipper', 'Rally' and 'Whirly.' For more photos of Luna, follow here. Luna gave us two beautiful litters and has now gracefully taken up the role as grand dam.

Eirlys Pink Lady Slipper
Avalon is the pup we selected from Luna's litter by Brick. She stood out in her litter as an "old fashioned" type among her darling teddy-bear looking brothers and sisters. A photo document of the 2014 Brick X Luna litter is here

She has matured with an ideal golden temperament; humorous, classy and loving. Avalon is raised and cared for by my good friend and accomplished guide and service dog raiser, Jennifer. Jennifer has three children and a rotation of foster kittens to help with the task.

Avalon's sociable nature makes her a pleasure to take out and about. When working she is enthusiastic and quick to learn any task. To enjoy snapshots of Avalon growing up, click here. She is following in Luna's footsteps as a diligent and attentive dam.

Over the years Avalon gave us three beautiful litters of precious pets, assistance dog stock and influential breeding stock. She is now enjoying her well deserved retirement.
Whelped October 3, 2014 
Breeder: Eirlys Golden Retrievers (Brick X Luna)
Pedigree​ and Clearances

Scout is a special girl who represents a rich and sentimental history of my work in the guide dog field. Scout and her brother Gunner were bred at Guide Dogs Queensland and come to the States with the aim to enrich assistance dog lines in North America. They bring a pedigree chock-full of the UK and Australian dogs that I have enjoyed over the years. They joined the Eirlys family as pups in the summer of 2015.

Gunner has matured through the rigors of a service dog program and graduated as a stud dog at Pacific Assistance Dog Society. 

Scout was lovingly raised locally by Bianca and Gairo. She has an enthusiastic, bubbly nature and excels at any task. Scout is a joy to be around and an easy hiking and travel companion. She has a lovely, correct, easy-care coat, strong constitution and dreamy eyes.

She graced us with her first litter in the summer of 2017. She produces beautiful pups and currently has three working in service. We are very pleased with the long term inclusion of her lines into our select breeding program. Additional Scout pictures here.

Guidinglight Gold Coast 
Whelped April 13, 2015
Breeder: Guide Dogs Queensland
Pedigree and Clearances

Retired Dogs, Pets, and Memories
Photos courtesy of Erin Wrightsman
Nurture Nature Photography

Sara is from our Back-to-School litter born the Fall of 2017 out of Avalon x Nelson. We raised Sara for export to Career Dogs Australia. 

The Australian export process is lengthy so between Jennifer's family and our own, we had the joy of having Sara in our homes for a year before she traveled. In preparation for her future role assisting a child with a disability, or contributing to future generations of assistance dogs as breeding stock, Sara proved to be patient, obedient and reliable in public. She is a natural!

Sara passed her medical screening with strong results. She is a lovely dog who is balanced inside and out; calm, curious, and loving with a strong free-flowing outline.  She transported to Career Dogs Australia in February 2018. I include her in our pages because we will have the good fortune of continuing to be involved in her breeding career.

Eirlys Goddess of Knowledge
Whelped October 3, 2016
Breeder: Eirlys Golden Retrievers (Nelson x Avalon)
Pedigree and Clearances

Photo courtesy of Erin Wrightsman
Nurture Nature Photography
Eirlys Wenonah Rogue 
Milo is a beautiful young dog from our Brick x Luna Land of 10,000 Lakes litter. He lives locally as a cherished pet and is fondly known as the Mayor of the Dog Park. As I watched Milo mature I was increasingly impressed with his gentle, settled nature. He is a solid, trustworthy dog who is an absolute pleasure to be around. 

Milo has his breeding clearances and is available for stud service with select females.

Photo gallery of Milo available here.

Whelped October 3, 2014
Breeder: Eirlys Golden Retrievers (Brick x Luna)
Pedigree and Clearances
Our Dogs ~ Males
Career Dogs Coming Up Roo'ses 
Whelped June 3, 2018
Breeder: Career Dogs Australia
Pedigree and Clearances

Anyone who meets Roux wants to take her home; she is a blast to have around. Rouxie is open-minded, eager and very affectionately engaged. Raising her has been pure joy.

Similar to her aunt Scout (below), this special girl carries a long lineage of dogs from the UK and Australia who I enjoyed  working with in the guide dog field. I am very grateful to Career Dogs Australia for giving me the honor of including Rouxie in our pack.

Among all of her favorite pastimes, Roux is very tender-hearted and is particularly content in the company of children. 

Please enjoy more pictures of Roux here.