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Eirlys Golden Retrievers
CCI Kathleen's "J" Litter Gallery
Kathleen's "J" litter, d.o.b. October 17, 2014
Kathleen enjoying the sun in her last week of pregnancy.
Kathleen just after delivering her J litter
Little Lime Green weighed only 7 ounces at birth. We made sure to keep her toasty warm and give Mother Nature time to kick in. She did and she is thriving!
Attentive dam at 2.5 weeks
Little Lime Green Jovi at 3 weeks
Snuggly J puppies at 3 weeks
Josko at 6 Weeks
Julian at 6 Weeks
Juliet at 6 Weeks
Janel (light pink collar) at 6 weeks
Jordon before a sneeze
Jordon sneeze!
Jordon all settled.